Wednesday, February 24, 2010

becouse i'm dumb

i suddenly thought about it as i looked at you,
one day when the sky clears up,
just like the day you left,
you'ii slowly come back to me,
you who is inside of me,
won't you look at me again,

my mind is so bad, that all i knows is you,
you who is looking at another person,
you don't even know these felling i have,
i'm probably not part of your days,
you probably don't even have any memories of me either,
you who i keep looking at my tears keep feeling,
i'm happy just looking at you from behind,
even if you still don;t know how i feel,
in the end even if you pass me by,
on the day i miss you so much,
on the day where it's so hard to deal with,
the words i love u, keep lingering on the tips of my lips,
once again i'm crying for you alone,
once again i'm missing you alone,
baby i love you, i'm waiting for you,
i'm making memories along,

bye-bye never say good bye,
thought i can't say anything i want you,
even if i want that, over and over again,
the days i miss you so much,
once again i'm missing you alone,
on the days i think about you so much,
on the days my heart is clod and sad

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